Crime Prevention Overview

Are you worried about theft within your home or workplace? Have you been a victim of crime and need more done? Are you worried about being the victim of burglary?
If the answer to any of these is yes– then call us on 0208 935 5402 for a FREE consultation. Our lead investigator is an ex-Police detective and we can discuss your case and advise on the most cost-effective solution. Police cuts mean that crimes are routinely “screened out”. This means that if all basic avenues of the investigation have been met, the Police will not investigate the crime. It is routinely in the press that Police will report the crimes online or on the phone and the victim may not even see a police officer before the investigation is screened out. We fill this gap and will gather evidence using UK Police methods.

We Have The Knowledge

Our lead investigator is a fully qualified ex-police Detective and with years of investigatory experience, you will be in good hands. Knowledge of thefts and other criminal behaviour is imperative to counteract thefts and other criminal behaviour. To speak to an experienced investigator, call us on 0208 935 5402 and we can discuss a cost effective solution to your problem.

Property Marking

One solution to crime prevention is to property mark your possessions. Whether within your workplace or your home, we can apply a product that will leave a unique reference on your property. In the event of a theft, the stolen property can be linked to the owner if it is recovered. For example, if you have a TV stolen and see it for sale on an online auction, you can tell the Police that you have a unique identifying marker on the item, which can be seen with the use of a UV light. We can apply the product to your vehicles, home possessions, computers and high value items. Call us on 0208 935 5402 to discuss your requirements for a FREE consultation and no obligation quote.