Corporate Social Responsibility

The Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility

Dedicated to providing an environmentally sensitive service, Knight FM uses a range of ecological products which are kinder to the environment. We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and support charities including research for motor neurone disease at The St Bartholomew's Hospital, and Essex based children’s charities, Wipe Away Those Tears and Haven House. Please see the policies tab for our CSR and Environmental policies.

Sustainable Service

Our ISO EMS accreditation ensures controlled targeting and measurement of service environmental improvement and efficiency. We actively promote zero to landfill and recycling to our clients. Innovations introduced include Biodegradable Biosacs, low energy vacs, compostable corn starch waste bags, compostable cleaning cloths, pulse mopping system for water use reduction and automated chemical dilution systems.


We are as a company committed to working in partnership with all our customers as the only real method of striving for and achieving mutual goals. Knight Facilities is a forward thinking group. We keep pace with change to our clients' businesses and we are totally prepared to react to their changing needs.