Access Control & Bio-Metrics


At Knight FM, we can supply and install a vast range of Access Control products from basic Key code to networked systems which can control access to restricted areas on your premises. The most popular stand-alone systems are either swipe-card or proximity based cards. Both cards can also function as an I.D. device.

GSM Unit
GSM units can be connected up to existing intercom units. This unit enables the intercom to dial through to the owner or manager’s mobile phone or landline. They, in turn, can identify the visitor and open the gates by pressing a button on their phone.

At Knight FM biometric or biometric identifier is installed as an objective measurement of a physical characteristic of an individual which, when captured in a database, can be used to verify the identity or check against other entries in the database. The best known biometric is the fingerprint, but others include facial recognition and iris scans.

What We Do:

• Our Patrol Manager will meet you at your premises and will document the instructions for your premises
• A dedicated Patrol Supervisor will be assigned to look after your premises
• Our Patrol Manager will meet the assigned Patrol Supervisor at your premises and train them on your specific requirements
• The Knight FM 24 Hour Control Centre will ensure that your patrol requirements are met each day
• Mobile Patrol Security Officers carry out patrols of your premises in clearly recognisable Knight FM vehicles, equipped with Satellite Tracking
• Our Patrol Officer will inspect the internal and external areas of your premises
• Any unusual activity is investigated and the agreed escalation procedure will be initiated
• An Incident Report will be completed
• Within 4 hours a full report on the incident will be emailed to your office

Opening & Lock Up Service

  • Are your premises securely locked and alarmed before leaving every night? Do you need to reduce your liabilities in this area?
  • Who is responsible for Open Up and Lock Ups?
  • In a business world where demands on workers are ever increasing, the need to start work early in the mornings and work late at night is ever present in order to meet deadlines.
  • In many circumstances members of staff are asked to open-up and lock-up business premises often at vulnerable hours. This also has a cost implication on companies who ask staff to come in early and stay late each day.

Why Not Leave It To The Experts?
Knight FM have fully uniformed and trained patrol officers on hand to open-up, lock-up, set and unset your alarm system. This flexible and cost effective service can be tailor made to meet each client’s specific requirements and is available 365 days of the year.

Mobile Patrol & Check Calls

With our Mobile Patrol Team will monitor your premises when you are not there, giving you peace of mind.

  • Your premises will be checked at night and weekends to ensure that it is secure
  • Trained security staff will supervise your business when you are not there
  • Your staffs’ safety will be monitored when working late
  • There is no need for the cost of a full time security guard
  • The Mobile Patrol Service is particularly useful in the prevention or early detection of crime or vandalism
  • We check information systems such as temperature, process gauges and integrated fire safety systems, the building can be monitored for any faults or potential damage from fire or flooding