All our static officers are backed up by mobile patrols, response units, and state of the art radio equipment. Knight FM personnel protect their employer’s investment, enforce laws, and deter criminal activity or other problems. The Static Guard is equipped with a communications system and in contact with the mobile patrol unit. Our officers are licensed by the Private Security Authority, insured, uniformed and trained to Level 4 Basic Guarding Skills and trained on each location before job commencement.

At Knight FM, we will put a security program in place to keep your business, staff and customers safe.

Static Guards

The presence of a Static Guard is a proven and effective method of securing sites and business premises. A permanent, uniformed static guard will give your business an element of prestige as they welcome your staff and visitors. Knight FM can supply you with a static guard day or night to protect your premises.

Our Static Guards patrol and inspect property to protect against theft, vandalism, intruders and potential hazards.

Gate Houses

At a gate-house, controls will be aimed mainly at vehicle access although there may well be an element of control over pedestrians. The gate-house will be the first point of contact at the site for all callers. Once again Knight FM officers chosen for this type of duty are taught the importance of customer relations and communication skills.

Knight FM Officers will protect your investment by enforcing the law, reporting any criminal activity and preventing any unauthorized access.

Reception Duties

Knight FM realizes that reception duties often involve high profile, interpersonal dealings with the customers, visitors and employees.

Our security officers, especially chosen for this type of duty, are made fully aware of the importance of image, customer relations and good communication skills.

Benefits Of Having A Manned Guard:


  • To control entry/exit for staff, deliveries, unauthorized visitors
  • To physically patrol the site
  • To report, log and attend to any problems encountered
  • To be at hand should there be an emergency on site after hours
  • To inform an on-site response team and give entry to Police and emergency services if needed
  • In the event of an emergency our officers will be on hand to alert emergency services, and be on hand to allow access to such services